London Icons: Big Ben and Red Phone Booth

3 June, 2010  |  Westminster

Big Ben and red phone booth


  1. Awesome close up shot of that telephone booth and that wall clock building. The color contrast is just perfect and I love it. Nice work. Stunning shot!

  2. I would say you captured them both very nicely.

  3. Bright Light! time to telephone!

  4. The epitome of London! :) What a vivid photograph! Keep em coming!

  5. This is a classic, great shot

  6. Good capture of two iconic images.

  7. Nice Capture! A good color combination. Really professional photo!

    Thank you for sharing!

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  8. very iconic captue you have here.

  9. Cool picture, colors are very bright.

  10. I love this photo – great combination and layout :) Almost everybody imagines exactly this, when you say London.


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